Student Spotlight: Rohini Paul '18

January 8, 2018

Hometown: Fremont, CA

Your current research project at Duke: I work as a research assistant in Dr. David Rubin's lab that focuses on investigating autobiographical memory as well as other memory mechanisms as they relate to individuals with PTSD. My current research project concerns investigating the intertwined role of involuntary memories and emotional regulation in PTSD, and I have proposed a novel model for understanding this disorder that I will validate through fMRI and behavioral data.  

Thoughts on neuroscience education: I truly believe that neuroscience is such a dynamic field whose frontiers are constantly expanding. I am thankful for the opportunity to pursue a major in neuroscience here at Duke because I have not only been able to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies that have deepened my understanding of the brain but have also been able to learn from some of the world's greatest pioneers in the field. I believe it is due to its intrinsic nature as a growing field that neuroscience benefits greatly from the contributions of other fields like biology, psychology, and philosophy; for this reason, I have come to appreciate the strong influences of other fields during my years at Duke as a neuroscience student.     

 What is a fact that you find interesting in neuroscience? I am just fascinated by the fact that the brain is capable of so much; it is responsible for actions, motivations, and thoughts. In the midst of it all, it is just mind-boggling (literally!) that some microscopic gray cells can give rise to complex and abstract thought processes. My specific interest lies in how disorder of the mind can arise from seemingly trivial changes in the composition of the brain. The relationship between the mind and the brain is one that has continued to puzzle me yet at the same time inspires me to further my understanding of neuroscience.    

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