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Visiting Parents Get a Tour of the Human Brain

It’s no April Fool’s joke: this past April 1st, a subset of visiting members of the Duke Parents Committee were treated to a hands-on tour of human neuroanatomy guided by neuroscientist and DIBS associate director Len White, Ph.D.

Parent Day 2023 - father and daughter looking at a human brain
Photograph by Izzy Kjaerulff

The group of 30 non-alumni parents of current Duke students spent a weekend on campus learning more about Duke academics, and of course, visiting their kids before the start of final exams.

DIBS hosted one of several activities lined up for the fifth annual Spring Weekend, which included an interactive tour of donated human brains led by White at the DIBS neuroanatomy lab.

Guests learned about the institute while participating in a hands-on exploration of the human brain. By handling the delicate tissues and peering in on sectioned brain slides under the microscope, visitors learned about brain structures, and had any and all questions about neuroscience answered by White.

Parent Day 2023 - parents and their kids look at Len White holding a human brain
Photograph by Izzy Kjaerulff

More about the Duke Parents Program

The Parents Committee is the backbone of the Duke Parents Program, which is a parent engagement program at the university. The committee is comprised of 926 members as of 2023, and helps with fund raising for the university from current and past parents and provides stewardship outreach. In addition, members are Duke ambassadors in their communities.

More about the Spring Weekend

Starting back in 2016, the annual Spring Weekend provides an opportunity for members to create deeper bonds with each other and with Duke as well as celebrate this group for all they do for the university. This weekend gives members an opportunity to return to campus in a smaller setting and gives those that missed Family Weekend a chance to participate in committee programming.