A picture of Dr. Ahmad Hariri.

Dr. Ahmad Hariri in NYT: Overcoming an Overactive Amygdala

In today's hyper-stimulated world, the amygdala -- responsible for stressful "fight or flight" responses -- can become overactive. Understanding this part of the brain may help reduce unnecessary worry and anxiety, says Dr.

Town Hall Meeting

DIBS Town Hall Meetings

 Dear Members of the Duke Brain Sciences Community:You may remember that earlier this summer, a new governance structure and strategic planning process for the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences was announced. 

Most Cited Neuro Articles

Study determines top 100 most-cited articles in neuroscience

 In an effort to identify the most salient research topics in the field of neuroscience, researchers did a comprehensive bibliometric study to determine the top 100 most-cited articles and published their results in the July issue of the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

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