Kafui Dzirasa Joins Policy, Research Leaders on D.C. Panel

March 20, 2018

From Research!America:

Mental health in this country is not getting the attention it deserves, says Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX-30). During Research!America’s 29th Annual Meeting of Members on March 14 in Washington, D.C., Rep. Johnson stressed the importance of early intervention and “assertive community treatment” to successfully address mental illness nationwide.


'Brilliant Teacher' Receives Prestigious Award from Duke Medical Students

March 12, 2018

Len White, PhD, Associate Professor in Neurology and DIBS Faculty Network Member, has received the 2018 Duke Medicine Golden Apple Award for Preclinical Science Faculty.


Excite Your Neurons! DIBS Discovery Day April 15, 1-4 p.m., Duke West Campus

March 6, 2018

Bring family and friends to the annual DIBS Discovery Day on Sunday, April 15, 1 to 4 p.m.! FREE brain science activities. In the DIBS "Cube," next to the Levine Science Research Center. Free parking in the Circuit Lot, off LaSalle Street. Student volunteers will be on hand to direct visitors to DIBS. Co-sponsors: Duke A+ Study, NIH Autism Center of Excellence; Bass Connections


Bass Team Thrives on Collaboration

March 2, 2018

The Bass Connections project team Patients’ Journey to Medication Adherence went on a journey of its own last month.


April 10: Tackling the Final Few: Bringing Light Smokers to Cessation

February 22, 2018

Over the past 25 years, the number of cigarettes smoked per day has declined significantly. Tobacco smoking cessation interventions have focused principally on alleviating withdrawal symptoms of moderate to heavy smokers. New policies now restrict where people can smoke and new taxes have raised cigarette prices. The result: increased number of “light” smokers, who don’t show withdrawal effects yet remain at risk for the significant negative health effects associated with smoking.


Alzheimer's Drug May Reverse Cognitive Changes in Young Binge-Drinkers

February 16, 2018

A drug used to slow cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease could offer clues on how drugs might one day be able to reverse brain changes that affect learning and memory in teens and young adults who binge drink.

In a study led by Duke Health and published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, scientists demonstrate in rats that a short duration of the drug donepezil can reverse both structural and genetic damage that bouts of alcohol use causes in neurons, or nerve cells, in the young brain.


Dr. Geraldine Dawson Named One of 18 Duke Leaders for 2018

February 12, 2018

The Duke Chronicle recently featured Geraldine Dawson, PhD, Director of the Duke Center for Autism and Brain Development, as one of 18 leaders for 2018. Dr. Dawson also chairs the DIBS Faculty Governance Committee. See the article here.


NIH BRAIN Initiative Funding Opportunities

February 12, 2018

BRAIN Initiative announces active funding opportunities. Click here for flowchart information.


March 1 Deadline for DIBS Research Awards Letters of Intent

February 1, 2018

The Duke Institute for Brain Sciences Faculty Governance Committee announced today (Feb. 1, 2018) that the application process for the Institute's competitive research awards is now open. There will be two award mechanisms:  the Research Incubator Award and the new Research Germinator Award.


Bedlack's Colorful Fashions Cheer Patients, Staff

January 16, 2018

Dr. Richard Bedlack works with patients facing the tough challenges of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gherig's Disease), but the Neurology associate professor and member of the DIBS Faculty Network doesn't let that impair his wacky sense of fashion. He was honored recently as Duke's Employee of the Week.

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