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CABC Seminar Series

Jan. 30: Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Time to Abandon the Goldwater Rule?

About This Event:

Psychiatry Grand Rounds: "Time to Abandon the Goldwater Rule? How Will We Know?" **Rescheduled to Tuesday, Jan. 30, 6-7:30 p.m.; dinner will be served.**

Jan. 19: Psychic Standards: Psychiatry, Classification, Literature

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Dr. Reilly, Literature, argues that the birth of psychiatry as a medical specialization in the late nineteenth century participated in an original mutation of the relations between psychic, cultural, and social structures.


Karen Wrenn Graduate Fellow Selected

April 17, 2017

Duke Medical Physics PhD graduate student, Yixin Ma, has been selected by an expert panel to receive the inaugural Karen Wrenn Graduate Fellowship in Alzheimer’s Disease Research.

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