Niccolò Terrando

Niccolò Terrando

Associate Professor in Anesthesiology

External Address: 
3 Genome Ct, Msrbiii Room 6144, Durham, NC 27710


Education & Training

  • Ph.D., Imperial College London (Uk) 2007

Selected Grants

Neurovascular dysfunction in delirium superimposed on dementia awarded by National Institutes of Health (Principal Investigator). 2017 to 2022

Neuro-inflammation in Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction: CSF and fMRI Studies awarded by National Institutes of Health (Collaborator). 2017 to 2022

Targeting microbially-derived juvenile protective factors to resolve neuroinflammation and delirium awarded by National Institutes of Health (Principal Investigator). 2019 to 2021

Enhanced Skeletal Muscle Proteostasis as a Modulator of Alzheimer's Disease awarded by National Institutes of Health (Collaborator). 2019 to 2021

Organization and Function of Cellular Structure awarded by National Institutes of Health (Mentor). 1975 to 2020

Bioelectronic rescue of cognitive impairment after surgery awarded by National Institutes of Health (Principal Investigator). 2018 to 2020

Role of TLR4 in surgery-induced cognitive decline awarded by (Principal Investigator). 2016 to 2018


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