CCN Labs

Adcock Lab

Principal Investigator: Alison Adcock

Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) activation, we measure how changes in the brain activity relate to both motivation and memory.

Bergelson Lab

Principal Investigator: Elika Bergelson

The Study of Environmental Effects on Developing Linguistic Skills (SEEDLingS) is an initiative to explain how infants' early linguistic and environmental input plays a role in their learning.

Cabeza Lab

Principal Investigator: Roberto Cabeza

Using behavioral and neuroimaging methods, we investigate the cognitive and neural mechanisms of memory and emotion and how they change across the lifespan.

Davis Lab

Principal Investigator:  Simon Davis

Our primary focus is investigating white matter changes in the aging brain, as well as examining the effects of TMS on older adults.

De Brigard Lab

Principal Investigator: Felipe De Brigard

Using a number of behavioral and neuroimaging techniques, the Imagination and Modal Cognition Lab explores ways in which philosophy and cognitive neuroscience interface. 

Disney Lab

Principal Investigator: Anita Disney

The goal of the research in the Disney Lab is to determine the role(s) that neuromodulators play in cognition – and by what circuit mechanisms they subserve those functions. 

Egner Lab

Principal Investigator: Tobias Egner

The Egner lab seeks to understand the cognitive and neural mechanisms of adaptive behavior, the ability to flexibly match thoughts and actions to changing circumstances.

Groh Lab

Principal Investigator: Jennifer Groh

Research in my laboratory concerns how sensory and motor systems work together, and how neural representations play a combined role in sensorimotor and cognitive processing (embodied cognition). 

Hare Lab

Principal Investigator: Brian Hare

For those who treasure a deeper relationship with their dog, Dognition provides insightful, cognitive science-based games that help you discover the unique way that your dog sees the world.

Heller Lab

Principal Investigator: Katherine Heller

We approach machine learning problems with a Bayesian paradigm.

Huettel Lab

Principal Investigator:  Scott Huettel

Research in my laboratory investigates the brain mechanisms underlying economic and social decision making; collectively, this research falls into the field of “decision neuroscience” or "neuroeconomics". 

LaBar Lab

Principal Investigator:  Kevin Labar

My research focuses on understanding how emotional events modulate cognitive processes in the human brain. 

Madden Lab

Principle Investigator:  David Madden

My research focuses primarily on the cognitive neuroscience of aging: the investigation of age-related changes in perception, attention, and memory, using both behavioral measures and neuroimaging techniques, including positron emission tomography (PET), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). 

Marsh Lab

Principle Investigator:  Elizabeth Marsh

The Marsh Lab focuses on understanding learning and memory, and the processes that make memory accurate in some cases and erroneous in others.

Opti Lab

Principle Investigator:  Greg Appelbaum

Research in the Opti Lab involves behavioral psychometrics done in conjunction with neuroscience approaches such as EEG and fMRI, or neurostimulation techniques such as TMS and tDCS.

Overath Lab

Principle Investigator:  J. Tobias Overath

Research in our lab investigates how sound is processed in the human brain. More specifically, we study the acoustic building blocks that must be assembled in complex listening situations, such as when we engage in a conversation or listen to a symphony. 

Pearson Lab

Principle Investigator:  John Pearson

My research focuses on the application of machine learning methods to the analysis of brain data and behavior. 

Purves Lab

Principle Investigator:  Dale Purves

The Purves Laboratory is continuing to study visual perception and its neurobiological underpinnings. 

Samanez-Larkin Lab

Principle Investigator: Gregory Samanez-Larkin

Research in our lab examines how individual and age differences in motivation and cognition influence decision making across the life span.

Sinnott-Armstrong Lab
Principle Investigator: Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong is Chauncey Stillman Professor of Practical Ethics in the Department of Philosophy and the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University.

Sommer Lab

Principle Investigator: Marc Sommer

We study circuits for cognition. Using a combination of neurophysiology and biomedical engineering, we focus on the interaction between brain areas during visual perception, decision-making, and motor planning. 

Woldorff Lab

Principle Investigator: Marty Woldorff

Dr. Woldorff's main research interest is in the cognitive neuroscience of attention. At each and every moment of our lives, we are bombarded by a welter of sensory information coming at us from a myriad of directions and through our various sensory modalities -- much more than we can fully process.