Duke Center for Interdisciplinary Decision Sciences (D-CIDES)

D-CIDES brings Duke’s diverse strengths in the Decision Sciences into a single community for programs, education, and new research collaborations. The Center’s researchers study behavioral economics, judgment and decision-making, marketing, neuroeconomics, medical decision-making, and addiction. It is affiliated with DIBS and the Social Science Research Institute.

Undergraduate Certificate Program

D-CIDES supports an undergraduate Decision Sciences certificate, one of only a few such programs in the country. The certificate (DECSCI) focuses on how humans make decisions in a variety of contexts – including economic, political and social choices. For students interested in behavioral economics, game theory, machine learning or neuroeconomics, this certificate will provide an interdisciplinary appreciation for how these often-separate fields all approach decision-making. This will enable communication and collaboration across disciplinary boundaries and allows students to engage in research with a broader perspective than that provided by any single major. The introductory fundamentals course covers a wide and interdisciplinary set of topics, from psychology and neuroscience, economics, and political science, to statistics. For more information, contact the program's Director, Scott De Marchi, PhD, Political Science. 

Picture of Dr. Rosa Li'The interdisciplinary nature of the program is our big selling point. I think it's cool that Duke students are able to get exposure to  the field and discover the value of crossing disciplinary boundaries so early in their educations. I certainly wish I had something similar when I was an undergrad.'

—Rosa Li, PhD, former Postdoctoral Associate