The Duke Institute for Brain Sciences hosts and supports several paid research opportunities for undergraduate and high school students.



The Cognitive Neuroscience Research Internship (CNRI) is a fully paid semester-long research internship for Duke undergraduate students who want to learn how to conduct research on human behavior and cognition. Learn more about CNRI here.


The Summer Neuroscience Program (SNP) is an eight-week summer program that enables undergraduates to jumpstart their senior theses by working one-on-one with faculty mentors. The full program is open only to rising juniors and seniors who are declared Neuroscience majors. Learn more about SNP here.

Job & Research Listings for Undergrads

The Undergraduate Research Support Office (URS) promotes undergraduate research at Duke through workshops, the annual Visible Thinking Symposium, funding independent research, assistantships and conferences and by providing support for summer research programs. See the complete list of URS programs

JobX is Duke University's new student employment portal with part-time jobs and volunteer opportunities of all categories. See complete listings (log into DukeHub is required)

Muser provides Duke students with regularly-scheduled, clearly articulated, and equitable access to research opportunities across all fields.  Research mentors are members of the entire Duke University research community who can provide meaningful research experiences for students. Mentors are graduate students, postdocs, lab technicians, research team leaders, principal investigators, and professors.

Muser runs at least five rounds per year:  start of the fall semester for fall positions, mid-fall semester for spring semester positions, spring semester for the following fall semester positions, and spring semester for summer positions. See current listings here.

Department of Psychology and Neuroscience hosts a job board with internships, paid jobs, research, and professional development opportunities. See current listings here.

Duke provides a vast variety of summer opportunities for students. See the complete listings here

A list of undergraduate summer research opportunities across STEM disciplines at Duke maintained by the Duke SOM's IDEALS Office.

More Information on Getting Involved in Research as an Undergrad at Duke

For more information on getting involved in research as an undergrad at Duke, be sure to check out the Academic Advising Center's video series and accompanying article on the benefits, how-to, and more!

High School


The Duke University Neuroscience Experience (DUNE) provides high school students with a paid cutting-edge research experience in neuroscience laboratories at Duke University and encourages participation by students from underrepresented minority groups in STEM. Learn more about DUNE here.