Cognitive, Auditory, and Neural Bases of Language and Speech (CANBLS)

The Cognitive, Auditory, and Neural Bases of Language and Speech (CANBLS) Research Group brings together researchers from Duke campus and medical school to explore in depth the many aspects that contribute to our unique ability to generate, and communicate via language and speech. The aim is to share ongoing research and inspire collaborations across campus combining the different research approaches represented in the group (developmental, clinical, neuroimaging, engineering, etc.) to push our understanding of the cognitive, auditory, and neural bases of language and speech. Faculty co-leaders: Tobias Overath, Greg Cogan, Jenni GrohElika Bergelson. To join the CANBLS listserv, please email Tyler Lee at DIBS,

Fall 2021 CANBLS Lectures (virtual)

This semester, CANBLS is continuing in a virtual format, every 4th Monday of the month at 1 pm. This virtual format has given us the opportunity to invite more external speakers, and we will be announcing our Fall schedule and talk titles soon. For access to the Zoom link or to be added to the listserv, please contact Tyler Lee at

  • 09/27: "Hemispheric specialization for speech and music: acoustical cues and connectivity profiles" presented by Robert Zatorre (McGill University)
  • 10/25: "Visual benefits of sign language: new evidence from EEG, behavior, and emerging technology" presented by Lorna Quandt (Gallaudet University)
  • 11/22: Title TBA presented by Laura Gwilliams (University of California San Francisco)
  • 12/20: "Effectiveness of hearing intervention in older adults" presented by Sherri Smith (Duke University)


Spring 2021 CANBLS Lectures (virtual)

  • 02/15: Steve Eliades (Assistant Professor, Department of Otorhinolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery, University of Pennsylvania)
  • 03/15: Elena Tenenbaum (Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences , Duke University)
  • 04/19: Liberty Hamilton (Assistant Professor, Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, University of Texas at Austin)
  • 05/17: Florencia Assanio (Invesigator, Instituto de Neurobiología - UNAM)

Fall 2020 CANBLS Lectures (virtual)

Spring 2020 CANBLS Lectures

  • Jan. 15, 2020: "Articulation & Acoustics of Some Typologically Unusual Vowels," Jeff Mielke, PhD, Linguistics, N.C. State University

Fall 2019 CANBLS Lectures

  • Sept. 18, 2019: Akshay Maggu, Postdoctoral Associate, Duke
  • Oct. 16, 2019: Jack Goffinet, Research Associate, Duke
  • Nov. 20, 2019: Emily Buss, Otolaryngology, UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Dec. 18, 2019: Gregory Cogan, Neurosurgery, Duke

Spring 2019 CANBLS Lecturers

  • Peter GordonPeter Gordon, PhD, Director, Language, Cognition, and Brain Lab, UNC-Chapel Hill, on “Rapid Naming as a Measure of Reading Ability:  Eye-voice Analyses and the Effects of Aging”
  • Howard FrancisHoward Francis, MD, MBA, Chief, Division of Head and Neck Surgery and Communication Sciences, Professor of Surgery, at Duke School of Medicine, on “Cochlear Implantation Across the Lifespan”
  • Stephan MeylanStephan Meylan, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate, Psychology & Neuroscience, on “Evaluating Probabilistic Language Models with Serial Reproduction” 

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