Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience

The Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience Research Group (CTNRG) brings together theoretical and experimental researchers from across Duke who are interested in understanding and developing formal mathematical models to describe the brain’s processing of information. The aims of the group are to increase the community’s understanding of computational and theoretical approaches to studying the brain, to share ongoing research, and to foster collaborations, especially between theorists and experimentalists.

The group meets Thursdays from 10:30am-11:30am in Bryan Research 301, alternating between presentations of ongoing work from both local and external speakers and journal club discussions of recent published work in the field. The group is funded and administered by the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences, and is open to anyone who is interested in attending. For more information or to have your name added to the listserv, please contact co-convener Nic Brunel at

Spring 2022

1/6 Anru Zhang (Duke). "High-dimensional Tensor Learning with Applications in Biomedical Science

1/13 Anne Draelos (Duke, hybrid). "Scalable online modeling and perturbations for adaptive neuroscience experiments"

1/27 Veronika Koren (TU Berlin, online). "Dynamics and neural coding in efficient balanced networks with E-I architecture"

4/7 Srini Turaga (Janelia Farms) "Visual selectivity emerges from connectome and task constraints in the fruit fly visual system"

4/21 Henry Greenside (Duke). "The challenge of understanding how nervous systems produce behavior: A physics perspective"

5/5 Sue Yeon (NYU and Flatiron Institute). TBD

5/12 Ilya Nemenmann (Emory). TBD

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