The Center for Neural Engineering & Neurotechnology focuses on using engineering techniques to understand the mechanisms of and develop advanced approaches to electrical stimulation of the nervous system to restore function to individuals with neurological impairment or injury.

Duke Seminars in Neural Engineering

Held on Thursdays at noon in Bryan Research 103 unless noted otherwise.

Past Seminars

DateTitle, Speaker, Contact Information

Jan 26

Enhancing Rehabilitation with Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Seth Hayes, PhD (University of Texas, Dallas)

Fri, Jan 27

Special Duke BME Alumnus Seminar

Complexity Analyses of Biological Signals: Application to Neurodegenerative Disease Detection through the Eye

Leonel Medina, PhD (Universidad de Santiago de Chile)

**Location = Fitzpatrick CIEMAS, Schiciano Auditorium (Side A, room 1464)**

Feb 2

Neurophysiological readouts of pathway modulation during
deep brain stimulation therapy

Matt Johnson, PhD (University of Minnesota)

Mar 23

Optogenetic sensors and tools for studying brain signaling and alpha-synuclein pathology

Wenjing Wang, PhD (University of Michigan)

Apr 6

Optimizing deep brain stimulation using physiologic signals and biophysical modeling

Svjetlana Miocinovic, MD, PhD (Emory University)

Sept 22

Non-Invasive Closed-Loop Neural Protheses for Epilepsy

Pedro Irazoqui, PhD (Johns Hopkins University)

Oct 6

Predictive Coding of Natural Self-Motion: Implications for Perception & Action

Kathleen Cullen, PhD (Johns Hopkins University)

Oct 27

Electrode Technologies for Brain Computer Interfaces and Neuroprosthetics

Flavia Vitaly, PhD (University of Pennsylvania)

Nov 10

Spinal cord stimulation for pain: What we know, what we don’t know, and why it’s important for modern medicine

Scott Lempka, PhD (University of Michigan)


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