The Cognitive, Auditory, and Neural Bases of Language and Speech (CANBLS) Research Group brings together researchers from Duke campus and medical school to explore in depth the many aspects that contribute to our unique ability to generate, and communicate via language and speech. The aim is to share ongoing research and inspire collaborations across campus combining the different research approaches represented in the group (developmental, clinical, neuroimaging, engineering, etc.) to push our understanding of the cognitive, auditory, and neural bases of language and speech.

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Past Seminars

DateTalk, Speaker, and Location

Jan 30

Title TBA

William Matchin (University of South Carolina) 

via Zoom

Feb 27

Individual differences in language processing: brain and behavior

Emily Myers (University of Connecticut)

via Zoom

Mar 27

Sound symbolism and cross-modal correspondences in spoken language

Lynne Nygaard (Emory University)

In-person (Bryan 103)

Apr 24

Advances in presurgical imaging of semantic language function

James Voyvodic (Duke University)

In-person (room TBA)

Date & TimeTalk, Speaker, and Location

Monday, 9/19

1:00 pm

Neural mechanisms supporting robust vocalization recognition in the auditory cortex

Vatsun Sadagopan (University of Pittsburgh)

via Zoom

Monday, 10/24

4:00 pm

This is Spinal Tap

Christopher Shera (University of Southern California)

Bryan Research 301

Monday, 11/7

1:00 pm -POSTPONED

New date to be


Individual differences in language processing: brain and behavior

Emily Myers (University of Connecticut)

via Zoom

Monday, 12/5

1:00 pm

Neural Systems Underlying Speech Categorization

Bharath Chandrasekaran (University of Pittsburgh)

via Zoom