The DUNE team is comprised of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and administrators from Duke University neuroscience departments. We are passionate about engaging students from the community. Our aim is to welcome students into the scientific environment and share the experience to make the research community more accessible to underrepresented students in the sciences. Each team member brings a diverse set of experiences to their role with DUNE. We have team members dedicated to connecting with schools, coordinating with mentors and labs, and developing program activities.

Picture of the 2023 DUNE Program Team

Team Members (from left to right)

Top row
  • Trevor Alston, Co-Leader, High School Outreach
  • Arthy Narayanan, Member, Program Activities Development
  • Fabiola Duarte Ortiz, Member, Program Activities Development
  • Karim Abdelaal, Chair, Program Activities Development
  • Marie Cronin, Co-Leader, Mentor and Lab Coordination
  • Stuart Behling, Member, Mentor and Lab Coordination
Middle row
  • Justine Shih, Member, Member Coordination
  • Kirill Chesnov, Co-Founder
  • Patrick Reyes, Member, Member Coordination
  • Jim Zhang, Member, High School Outreach
  • Enya Dewars, Member, Program Activities Development (Photo unavailable)
  • Jade Terry Member, High School Outreach (Photo unavailable)
  • Mine Ariel, Member, Programs Activities Development (Photo unavailable)
Bottom row
  • Tiffany Scotton, Program Coordinator, Duke Institute for Brain Sciences
  • Dr. Len White, Associate Director, Duke Institute for Brain Sciences
  • Dr. Anita Disney, Assistant Professor, Neurobiology
  • Dr. John Pearson, Assistant Professor, Bioinformatics & Biostatistics
  • Dr. Staci Bilbo, Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience
  • Dr. Nicole Schramm-Sapyta, Associate Director, Duke Institute for Brain Sciences