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If you are a Duke neuroscience PI or trainee, including graduate student, postdoc, technician, or postbacc, we welcome you to apply as a DUNE mentor. We envision our mentors developing long-lasting professional relationships with students as they embark on their research career. Mentor responsibilities include:

  • developing an intellectually engaging project for your student
  • providing the hands-on, individualized training required to perform the project, such as conceptual background, experimental/analysis methods and communication skills
  • regular meetings and communication with your student for both research and mentoring purposes

These projects should model a rotation-style project, targeted for a high school experience level. Mentors should consider allowing space in the project design for the student to bring their own creativity to it. Projects should develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Mentors will receive support throughout the program. This includes:

  • Project management training
  • Inclusive mentoring training
  • Peer review and feedback on your project proposal
  • Opportunity to attend DUNE programming
  • Regular communication with DUNE team members

If you are interested in mentoring a DUNE student, please email

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